How To Make Beautiful Wreath Decor From Glossy Color Paper

To get a stunning Christmas or other special day celebration is not necessary with expensive decoration, and can be more memorable if you can make your own. Last week with my daughter, looking for what we can do for ourselves. I would like to use the materials that are easy and already available. Because she really likes anything about flowers, we finally found the tutorial about how to make a beautiful wreath from glossy color paper.

My daughter wants to use green and yellow, so I need to buy the appropriate material. The stock available at home is red and white, which is the only material left when she does her homework a few days ago. She had never made this type of decoration before so she can not wait to get started. Her cousin called this morning to tell her to visit next week, I think that's the perfect time to make it. Their age is the same age, it would be nice for them to work together.

Supplies Needed

Consruction and Craft Paper For Beginner - Recyclable

Unique Strong Roll Adhesive - New Model

Cutter, Pencil, Scissors

Cutter, Craft Wire

Thermocol Balls

Glitter, Scale


Step by Step Instructions

There is no need for any special skills to do so, my first can solve it well:

Prepare the cardboard then shape it to a circle with a diameter of 25 cm, then make a hole in the center with a diameter of 12 cm.

Take the color paper and fold it as in the video, divide the width of the paper into 3 parts and mark it. Eg if the paper width is 21 cm, then divide each to 7 cm. Then cut it. After being the same three parts, cut into the folds. Do the same with glossy paper.

Take a piece of color paper, then fold it into a cone shape. Use strong glue to get the perfect shape. Do the same on glossy paper. A total of 42 cones are required for this cardboard size.

Draw a shape on colored paper using cardboard as an example, then hole the center with a cutter, paste it on the cardboard. Cover the remaining cardboard section that is still open with color paper.

Paste the cone alternately on cardboard, then termocol balls attached to each cone. Decorate with gold glitter on each cone. As for the dark color cone (green) can be decorated with silver glitter to look contrast.

Hanging using craft wire, to get a shiny and beautiful wreath.

When finished, my daughter put it in the living room above the cabinet. Perfect match with pastel-colored walls. His cousin also makes with other color combinations: blue and orange. Both look fabulous, she took it when back home in the afternoon.

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