Black Anti Fatigue Mat For Long Standing Activity

Black Anti Fatigue Mat For Long Standing Activity

After a week of searching, I finally found this black anti-fatigue mat for long-standing activity to be placed in the kitchen.

Indeed the above products are not only suitable for the kitchen. Can be used almost anywhere, in offices, libraries or even retailers. The main feature is the surface that is soft and able to support the body well. When I stood on it while writing on my laptop, my body felt in an ergonomic position.

I really needed it when one day my mother complained of pain on her heel and back after cook my husband's favorite cake. After consultation with a family doctor, she should use a base to support the feet that can reduce the pressure on the joints.

Another piece I put in the garage, in brown. Often used when my husband fiddled with his car engine. He can forget the time and do it from morning until afternoon on weekends.

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